134582606874131390 Wishon 959OL NON CONFORMING ILLEGAL HOT Driver .900 COR

THIS WISHON 959OL DRIVER IS BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN HIT! IT IS A 10° LOFT, BUILT WITH AN ACCUFLEX ASSASSIN II SHAFT, FIRM FLEX, 46" LENGTH, WITH A TACKI-MAC ITOMIC GRIP. BLACK ZIP-UP HEADCOVER INCLUDED. ABOUT THE CLUBHEAD: The Wishon 959OL ("Over Limit") is the newest and LONGEST hitting driver ever made by world-renowned golf club designer Tom Wishon. This club was designed with 3 things in mind: distance, distance, and DISTANCE! What makes this driver so extremely long hitting is the super-hot illegal clubface which has a C.O.R. of 0.900. What does this mean? Well C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution), in a nutshell, is a measurement which refers to how much spring the clubface has, and this directly translates into how much energy is transferred from the clubhead into the ball at the point of impact. A COR of 0.900 means that 90% of the energy of your swing is transferred into the golf ball. The USGA limit on COR is 0.830, which is an 83% transfer of the energy into the golfball. That means with this clubhead you will see 7% more energy transfer at impace, 7% faster ball speeds, and 20+ yards more distance off the tee! **THIS CLUBHEAD HAS BEEN HAND-PICKED BY TOM WISHON HIMSELF TO EXACTLY 10° (although it says 10.5° on the bottom of the club) WITH A SQUARE/NEUTRAL FACE ANGLE.** ACCORDING TO TOM WISHON'S RESEARCH, AT A 100MPH SWING SPEED, FOR EACH 0.010 OF HIGHER COR YOU WILL ADD ~4.2 YARDS TO YOUR DRIVING DISTANCE. SO IF YOU HAVE A 100MPH SWING SPEED, THIS HEAD WITH A 0.07 HIGHER COR SHOULD TRANSLATE INTO DRIVES THAT ARE 29.4 YARDS LONGER! 959OL Specifications Item Head Volume Loft Lie Face Angle Weight Face Ht. FaceWidth Bore Diam. MOI 959 10° 455cc 10.5° 58° 0° square 198g 55.5mm 100mm 0.335" 4875g-cm2 Please note that this clubhead is only recommended for those with swing speeds under 100mph (most amateurs average around 85-95mph) due to the thinner construction of the clubface which is required to achieve the .900 COR rating. Please do not purchase this driver if you swing faster than 100mph or it may crack on you after a while. It is perfectly safe for those who swing under 100mph, which is about 80% of all golfers. ABOUT THE SHAFT: This driver is built with an Accuflex Assassin II shaft, which was made famous a few years ago for holding the record of the longest official drive in history (384 yards). It is a Firm Flex (in between stiff & regular) @ 46" length. The firm flex in this shaft is a perfect fit for golfers with an 85-95mph clubhead speed. If you swing in the 95-100mph range I can cut it down to 45" for you so it will play a little bit stiffer. ***The shaft in this driver has been PURE'd for optimum performance. The puring process aligns the optimal flex plane of the shaft with the swing plane of the club for maximum distance and control.*** ABOUT THE GRIP: This club is finished off Tacki-Mac Itomic Black grip. The Tacki Mac Itomic Grip is not like a traditional rubber grip. It is made from a proprietary blend of very tacky Thermo-Forming Elastomeric materials. This revolutionary blend of Elastomers is very soft and extremely durable and playable in all weather conditions. Itomic grips maintain their tacky feel, and new look for years by washing them with warm soapy water. This is one of the hottest new grips on the market for 2010! Your driver will be shipped for FREE via UPS Ground (or you can upgrade to a quicker shipping method if desired), and it will be insured for the full amount of your purchase price. It will be shipped out within 1 business day of when payment is received, and you will receive an email with a tracking number to let you know it is on the way. If you have any questions before placing an order, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Seller" link at the top or email us directly at sales@averagejoesgolf.com. We are here to help you get the best driver that you have ever hit!!

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 134582606874131392 Wishon 959OL NON CONFORMING ILLEGAL HOT Driver .900 COR
 134582606874131393 Wishon 959OL NON CONFORMING ILLEGAL HOT Driver .900 COR
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